The Fish Market is open every day 10:00am-7:00pm

The Farmers Market is open every day from 7:00am-5:00pm

Seafood lovers will be glad to know that many of their favorite Lobster Deck menu items are available year round at Duryea's Seafood Market

The market also offers lobsters, fresh fish and shellfish to go and pre-cooked orders are available on request.

Duryea’s Fish market is proud to feature a fresh fish market:
- Montauk pearl oyster
- Prince Edward Island mussel
- Montauk cherry stone clam
- Jumbo shrimp
- Local seasonal catch: tile, fluke, porgies (pending fishmonger)
- Ahi tuna, mahi-mahi, Scottish wild salmon
- Lobster live or steamed
- Crab meat
- King crab legs
- Lobster bisque
- Duryea’s clam chowder

We also provide local farm to market product:
Goodale farm:
- Fresh herbed goat cheese
- Cow or goat milk
- Fresh feta
- Greek yogurt
Kriemhild Dairy Farms:
- Crème fraiche
- Sweet or salty butter
Fairview farm:
- Homemade jams and preserve
Backyard Brine
- Pickles
Palazzolo ice cream and gelato:
- Gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt and vegan ice cream Satur assorted potato chips

Other specialty items:
- Salmon roe and caviar domestic or imported with blinis
- Italian Bottargua
- Scottish smoked salmon, trout and gravalax
- Italian antipasti
- Daily made sushi
- Fine oil, vinegar and condiments